What Is Knockerball?


Play in a giant inflatable ball. Bump, bounce, crash and roll with family and friends. You will have more fun than you ever thought possible in these giant inflatable balls.
-BUBBLE SOCCER: Go crazy with 4v4, 5v5 (or more) with no goalies and no off-sides to score as many points as possible with a new spin on a classic soccer-style match. For additional safety you can choose an inflatable field for up to to players
-MUSICAL CHAIRS: Hula-hoops spread in a big circle serve as the "chairs". When the music stops, step in a hoop and you're safe. A perfect game for all ages!
-BATTLE BALLS: Remember King of the Hill? Everyone starts in a defined circle and the last player standing wins. Simple rules = great time!
-PROTECT THE KING: It's like chess, but waaay more fun in a big and soft armor! Each team's mission is to take down the opponent's designated king while defending their own.
-SHARKS AND MINNOWS: Starting alone, the shark chases the minnows attempting to cross the field without getting knocked over. If a minnow gets knocked over, they morph into a shark for the next round!
-SLALOM RACE: Super fun race, just beware there is not enough space for both in the center lane.
-CAPTURE THE FLAG: Just like you played as kids! Two flags, two teams, one mission. Need we say more?

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